Membership Types:

  • Resident – Full access to all LOCO facilities and equipment. Typically those living within a 60 mile radius of LOCO.
  • Associate – Individual who wants access to LOCO facilities but must have a Resident present. Typically lives outside 60 mile radius.

Annual Membership Dues:

  • Resident: $200.00
  • Associate: $50.00

Membership Benefits:

  • Resident:
    • Training on the care and use of club equipment.
    • Training on the installation and upkeep of track and switches
    • Training on conducting and engineering of trains
    • Any time access (except during hosted parties) to all club facilities and full use of club equipment (once training complete)
  • Associate:
    • Training on the care and use of club equipment
    • Access to all club facilities and use of club equipment when Resident present

Membership Requirements:

  • Resident
    • Request assistance with equipment operation during hosted parties several time per year. Parties are the main source of income for the club and very rewarding to members when you see the reactions of the kids (young and old) when riding the trains.
    • Request at least 16 hours of property maintenance. This is to help the club ensure well maintained rail for member use and the grounds have a respectable appearance.
  • Associate – None

How to Join:

Download, print, and complete this form and mail to:
LOCO Membership
36203 Clearpond Rd
Shawnee, OK 74801